Community Services Agency CSBG Impact  

 In Fiscal Year 2022-2023, there were over 61,800 residents of Shelby County served!

 Our Impact 

 691  500  37,395  111
 Avoided EvictionHouse Received Support for Food Food Avoided Utility Cut-off or Disconnect Utility Obtained Access to Healthcare ServicesMed
 Critical Factors
 28,040  23,367  60,776  17,675

 Children Empowered through Basic Needs

factsheet child

 Assisted below 125% Poverty


 Historically Underrepresented Supported


 Unemployed Supported


3920  Avg. 833  over 4000  +69%Δ
Facebook Organic Reach  Facebook Engagement  Facebook Followers  Spanish Speaking Engagement from 2022 to 2023

Outreach 3

Community Needs Assessment 

What Have We Learned About The Needs Of Shelby County Residents 

Hierarchy of Needs

 Looking Forward 

 We are dedicated to the same mission:

To create a thriving community through education, resources, and partnerships that promote growth and economic stability for individuals and families in Shelby County.

 We are dedicated to the same vision:

The Community Services Agency is focused on helping people improve their lives through economic security and independence, and on helping our community by creating changes today that will bring about a brighter tomorrow. 

Goals for 2024 through 2027 : 

CSA Goals




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