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Community Impact

The Tennessee State Office administered CSBG funds to 20 Community Action Agencies.

75% of families served by the CSBG Network lived below 100% of the Federal Poverty Guidelines.

30% of families served in TN were in severe poverty, below 50% of the Federal Poverty Guidelines.

In Tennessee, Community Action Agencies provided services to
397,044 low income individuals.

Vulnerable populations served included:

people with disabilities
people without health insurance

Nationally, of the 6.5 million families served by the CSBG Network who reported income, 82.7% were living at or below 125% of the Federal Poverty Guidelines.

Nationally over 1,000 Community Action Agencies receiving CSBG funding provided services to 16.2 million individuals with low incomes.

CSBG Network Resources

For every $1 of CSBG, the TN Network leveraged $21.95 from federal, state, local, and private sources, including the value of volunteer hours.*

$16.04 Federal
$1.37 State
$1.50 Local
$2.40 Private
$0.63 Value of Volunteer Hours

*Value of Volunteer Hours calculated using federal minimum wage, except in those states with a higher minimum wage.
** Values may not equal total due to rounding.

$14,860,864 in CSBG funds were allocated in support of local entities in Tennessee.

The TN Network’s non-CSBG funding totaled $299,104,914.

CSBG Performance Outcomes for Tennessee

Services and strategies provided by the TN Network resulted in 854,623 outcomes for participants and communities with low incomes.

Outcomes Include:



Participants with low incomes in the CSBG Network employment initiatives obtained supports which reduced or eliminated barriers to initial or continuous employment, acquired a job, increased their income, or achieved “living wage” employment and benefits.


Economic Asset Enhancement and Utilization

Households with low incomes increased their financial assets or financial skills.


Child and Family Development

Infants, children, youth, parents, and other adults participated in developmental or enrichment programs facilitated by the CSBG Network and achieved program goals.


Independent Living for Vulnerable Populations with Low Incomes

Vulnerable individuals with low incomes received services from the CSBG Network and secured or maintained an independent living situation as a result.


Family Stability

Participants with low incomes obtained supports which reduced or eliminated barriers to family stability through assistance from the CSBG Network.


Emergency Assistance

Individuals and families with low incomes received emergency assistance from the CSBG Network.


Community Opportunities and Resources

Community opportunities or resources were improved or expanded for people with low incomes as a result of CSBG Network projects or initiatives, or partnerships with other public and private agencies.


Community Empowerment

Community members and people with low incomes mobilized to engage in activities that support and promote their own well-being and that of their community as a result of CSBG Network initiatives through maximum feasible participation.

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The Community Services Agency strives to empower its customers to not only improve their lives through economic security and stability, but also their communities by planting seeds of change as we move toward a brighter future.