Eviction Prevention Program

Program Purpose

The purpose of the program is to provide eviction prevention assistance to eligible tenants to help prevent evictions and keep households that rent stably housed. 

Preventing evictions is a complex issue that requires a multifaceted approach. One way to strengthen housing stability is through financial assistance. By providing financial assistance to renters who are struggling to make ends meet, we can help them stay in their homes and avoid eviction. Legal representation can also be crucial for those facing eviction, as it can help them navigate complex legal proceedings and protect their rights.

Who Can Apply?

The Emergency Rental Assistance-Eviction Prevention Program (ERA-EPP) is an initiative overseen by THDA, which aims to help eligible tenants stay in their homes during difficult times.

To qualify:

  • Must be a Shelby County Resident
  • Must have a COVID-19 related hardship
  • Income must be equal or below 80% AMI
  • Must have an active rental agreement or lease

Tenant Eligible Program Assistance

The eligible assistance for the program include, but are not limited to:

a. Rental assistance:
     1. For delinquent rental arrearages.
     2. For prospective rent. 
b. Late fees
c. Disconnection fees
d. Reconnection fees
e. Landlord-Tenant mediation costs
f. Tenant legal services related to eviction proceedings and maintaining housing stability

How do I apply for assistance?

To apply for assistance, Shelby County Residents can make an appointment with Community Services Agency via the Appointment Portal below. It is important to note that THDA does not accept applications directly, so it is crucial to reach out to the correct organization to begin the process.

Eviction Prevention Program Income Guidelines for FY 2023

80% Average Median Income

People in household
Annual Income
Monthly Income
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