Rent/Mortgage Assistance

Comprehensive Emergency Assistance Program

Emergencies happen. If something is preventing you from paying rent or your mortgage, the Comprehensive Emergency Assistance Program (CEAP) can help. CEAP is designed to support families through tough times and keep them from losing their homes through eviction, foreclosures, or other circumstances. If you have experienced an unexpected, uncontrollable circumstance like a medical bill in the past 120 days, or loss of employment within the past 12 months you may qualify for CEAP assistance.

Eligible households can receive up to $1,500 once per program year.

 To Qualify:

Your family’s monthly income must be at or below 200% of the Federal Poverty Income Guideline and you must have an unexpected, uncontrollable circumstance.

***Uncontrollable circumstances are provable circumstances that caused an uncontrollable reduction in income and/or an unexpected out-of-pocket expense like job loss, funeral expenses, unexpected repair or replacement of a large appliance, or a medical emergency***

To Apply:

You will need:

  • State Issued ID
  • Social Security cards for all household members
  • Income information for household (i.e. check stubs, award letter)
  • Proof of pending eviction/foreclosure
  • Proof of crisis/out of pocket expense
A past due bill sitting with a model house on a calendar, Behind on your mortgage payments














Online Rent/Mortgage Application Requests begin DEC. 1st! Click video to learn how to apply. We no longer accept walk-ins.


How to Apply


To apply for Comprehensive Emergency Assistance Program otherwise known as the Rent/Mortgage Program, select CLICK HERE below

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 All application requests and applications are processed as first come first served in order by date received. CSA is Title VI compliant and strive to do our best to serve the community through fairness and equity. 

      Rent and Mortgage Assistance Income Guidelines for FY 2022

(EFFECTIVE October 1, 2022)

200% Federal Poverty Guidelines 

People in HouseholdAnnual IncomeMonthly Income
01 $27,180.00 $2,265.00
02 $36,620.00 $3,051.67
03 $46,060.00 $3,838.33
04 $55,500.00 $4,625.00
05 $64,940.00 $5,411.67
06 $74,380.00 $6,198.33
07 $83,820.00 $6,985.00
08 $93,260.00 $7,771.67
For Each Additional Person Add: $9,400.00 $ 786.67



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